My Projects

The vast majority of my projects are things that I am programming just for fun. However, I also have one ongoing animation project.


FADS is a graphing calculator I am working on for curses-compliant terminals. It is written entirely in C. Right now it is in a pre-release stage: it is not yet full-featured enough to be released, but it is getting close.


zLib is a C library I am developing as a utility library. The reason I am making it is specifically so I can use it for FADS, but it is general enough that it can be used in other projects. It's most powerful feature is generic dynamic lists - that is, it has functionality for manipulating lists of any type.

Ludum Dare

Ludum Dare is a "Game Jam" - a competition where contestants build games from scratch within a small time period - in the case of Ludum Dare, 48 hours. I participate in the Ludum Dare regularly.

For Ludum Dare, I maintain a game library (so to speak) called Alfredo (based off of my original Ludum Dare game library, "spaghetti"). In its current state, it is not very pretty - but I tend to work on it before each Ludum Dare, and every time it improves some slight amount.


This is an animation project I started simply to see what would happen if I tried to make a 2D animation in Blender. Despite the last video being released about a year ago, I am still working on this project - although I haven't actually done anything with it since about last May. However, it is not dead - I am planning on finishing the third "episode" soon.